Himalayan Dog Chews

Himalayan Dog Chew You don’t need to go the Nepal to get these cheesy dog chews and by cheesy I don’t mean cheap and unpleasant but the fact that they are actually made from a type of hard cheese.

As the name suggests the recipe for these treats actually originates in the Himalayas and has been used to make a long-lasting snack for the farmers of the region for thousands of years.

There are a few companies selling these types of dog chews so they are also known as Yeti dog chews. The Himalayan locals call it “Durkha” whereas Tibetans refer to it as “Chhurpi” which basically translates as milk cake.

Himalayan dog chews are the canine equivalent of this totally natural, high protein, low fat nutritious bar. You could even eat one of these yourself if you were so inclined but watch out for your teeth as these bars are hard.

These bars cannot just be ripped up in minutes. It takes time for a dogs chewing to slowly soften the bar before small pieces of it can be scraped off using their teeth. Some owners may not appreciate the fact that Bully Sticks are made from a bulls private parts and may prefer that their canine companion eat something a little more palatable.

Natural Ingredients

Yak milk cheese

made from Yak milk

So what goes into these chews and just how natural are they? The good news is that there are only three constituents in these Himalayan chews and they are milk, salt and lime juice.

The milk comes from yaks and cows which are allowed to range free eating the local grass before the milk is collected in the traditional hand method. After boiling the milk is centrifuged to remove the fat and is then treated with equal parts lime juice and salt to help fast-track the cheese making process.

When the cheese is ready several weeks later it is cut and sun dried. There are no other preservatives or additives that go into making Himalayan dog chews which is what makes it so healthy.

How Long Do Himalayan Dog Chews Last?

The amount of time that these natural chews will keep your dog occupied depends upon how aggressive an eater your breed is. If you have a large size Himalayan dog chew (11 oz and up) then you can expect to get around 45 minutes of chew time if you have a large sized dog. Smaller breeds may take up to a week to get through one of these treats. Either way, you’ll need to monitor your dog while it enjoys this dog chew as there is still a chance that it could swallow the last small pieces when it reaches the end.

Himalayan Dog Chew Reviews

Although not as well known as some of the other popular dog chews on the market these nutritious bars can still be bought online. Due to the labor intensive method used in producing these chew they tend not to be as cheap as Bully sticks but they are a great, non-meat product, to supplement your dogs diet with.

Here are some of the best Himalayan dog chews on the market at the moment.

Himalayan Mixed Dog Chew, 11-1/2-Ounce, 3-Piecelarge$$$4.5
Himalayan Dog Chew, Medium 2.5 ozmedium$$4.0
Himalayan Dog Chew, Small 3.5 ozsmall$$4.5
Yeti Dog Chew (1 Piece) - X-large 5.5 Ozextra large$$$5.0

Himalayan Mixed Dog Chew, 11-1/2-Ounce, 3-Piece

This three pack of large sized bars may seem expensive at first but is actually good value for money. When you consider the cost per bar then you are actually getting a large sized bar (just under 4 oz) for less than a single small priced chew.

If you already know that your dog likes these types of dog treats then it makes much more sense to buy the value packs than individual pieces.

Himalayan Dog Chew, Medium 2.5 oz

If you have a smaller sized dog and would like to start out with a slightly smaller chew then this 2.5 oz bar is a good one to go with.

Perfect for dogs up to 25 lbs. If your pooch is larger then it would be advisable to go for a larger bar as they will soon gobble it down.

Himalayan Dog Chew, Small 3.5 oz

Another three pack set of small bars suitable for small dogs up to 10 lbs. Each piece is just over 1 oz in weight which cost around 9 bucks.

If you have a larger dog then go for larger chews as these small ones can easily be swallowed by big breeds and could pose a chocking hazard. If you have both large and small breeds in your household then it would be better to go for a large size chew and then cut it into smaller pieces for the little dogs if they have issues consuming the big bars.

Yeti Dog Chew (1 Piece) – X-large 5.5 Oz

Yeti bars are made from the same ingredients as the Himalayan dog chews, just different branding.

This extra large bar is great for big powerful chewers. It has a slight smokey odor that is barely noticeable and it won’t stain your flooring. This is a huge 5.5 oz chew which should keep most breeds busy for a long time.

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