Are Bully Sticks Safe for Puppies?

Bully Sticks for Puppies

Bully Sticks for Puppies: Safe and Tasty

One of the most popular questions from new dog owners is wanting to know whether bully sticks for puppies are safe and if so then when can you start with them.

A Safe Dog Treat

The good news is that bully sticks are one of the safest dog treats available as they are fully digestible, natural and do not break off in shards. When compared to some of the common alternatives such as rawhide, which is known to cause intestinal problems, it is a much better choice.

Are There Any Risks?

There are, however, certain risks involved in any meat product such as bacteria and high calories so they must be given in moderation.

You should also never leave your puppy unsupervised when they have any dog chew to play with. If may be tempting to just give your pup a nice big bully stick and let them get on with it while you go out shopping but you need to remain responsible and watch over them as they could soon get into trouble if they manage to rip off a large chuck.

What Size Should You Choose?

Depending upon the size of your breed a 12 inch bully stick is a good starter but if you want to start with something a little smaller and natural you could always go with a carrot.

With their small teeth you may actually find that they have an issue actually eating the thing and it could take them a week or so before it is broken down to a size where it will pose a chocking problem to them.

It is advisable to start with a low odor bully stick as puppies can get a little carried away and end up with bits stuck on their paws and fur. Having a puppy traipse a stinky mess around your clean house may not be the most desirable thing to have to clean up.

Mix it Up

Why not provide a bit of variety for your puppy and throw a few other treats into the mix to keep them entertained. There is good reason for this as young dogs are known to love bully sticks so much that you may have an issue with them becoming very possessive of it.

Ever tried taking a toy or treat away from a dog? It’s not the easiest thing to do. The trick here is to trade it out for another treat such as a carrot, Kong or antler instead so that they are not limited to just one treat.

Remember that you are the Alpha dog and it’s important that you teach your puppy that  from the start.

If you find that your puppy is starting to bite off large chunks and swallow them then it may be better to trade up to something a little more substantial such as a deer antler or try a stronger braided bully stick instead.

Choosing a Bully Stick for your Puppy

Start out how you mean to go on and buy a free range variety of Bully Stick. This way you’ll get a good quality chew and lower the chances of getting one that is ingrained with traces of toxic chemicals and pesticides.


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