Bully Sticks for Dogs

Your dog will love these tasty Bully Sticks

Your dog will love these tasty Bully Sticks

Bully sticks for dogs are the latest all natural dog treat for your pet. Rawhide has long been considered an excellent choice for your dogs health and well-being but recently there are been some health scares associated with it that has sent pet owners looking for a safer alternative.

There are several health benefits associated with Bully sticks for dogs that make them an excellent choice for your canine friend. They are 100% natural beef product and are not treated with chemicals or preservatives which is sometimes the case with rawhide products. Bully sticks are also low in fat and high in protein. They are easy to digest and are good for your dogs oral hygiene, reducing tartar and cleaning teeth as well as keeping gums healthy.

All dogs have a natural desire to chew and it is best if you can control this to some degree by choosing the treats that you allow them to have, rather than letting them chew on your furniture. Using Bully sticks dog treats as a training tool for your puppies is an excellent choice. This will help them associate chewing with certain foods.

It is advised to store Bully Sticks in a refrigerator to keep them fresh and prevent them being infested by insects and bugs. This also gives them a chance to harden after they have been chewed, making them less likely to fall apart and be swallowed.

Bully Sticks for Dogs Ingredients

Bully sticks are made from 100% beef and are normally produced from the penis of a bull. Also known as a pizzle, they are processed to remove any moisture either by sun drying, smoking or cooking in an oven. Smoking can impart a wood aroma to the bully stick whilst cooking them ensure a consistency to the product and removes most of the smell. When given the choice between rawhide dog chews and bully sticks most owners prefer to buy bully sticks for dogs as they are more easily digested and so pose less of a health risk.

Not all Bully sticks for dogs or natural dog treats are created equal. There can be several factors that can affect the quality of the beef such as diet, farming techniques and whether their are given anti-biotics or growth hormones. Free range grass fed cattle offer some for the best quality bully sticks available.

Countries, such as Argentina are well know for their free range grass fed cattle and strict meat standards. But others areas such as North America, Australia and New Zealand are also reknown for quality beef products. Remember to ensure that the bully sticks you purchase are USDA/FDA approved.

Are Bully Sticks for Dogs Safe?

Whenever you give something to your dog to chew on there is an associated risk, mainly from chocking, but also due to any chemicals ingested or by causing an internal blockage. Bully sticks could, in a rare instance, cause chocking but they are fully digestible and chemical free so this is not an issue. As with any chew you give you dog you should always remove it before it becomes small enough to swallow.

Cheap Bully Sticks for Dogs

To save money you can bully sticks wholesale or in bulk. There are many brands of bully stick on the internet such as Red Barn and Merrick. Depending upon your preference you’ll have the choice of regular straight sticks, braided or even twisted rings.

The standard lengths for a bully sticks are  6″ and 12″  but you can get them anywhere from 4″ up to 36″ after they have been cut down from their original length. They also come in different thicknesses from less than an inch up to just over an inch.

When buying bully sticks for dogs always remember to buy the best quality and take care to monitor your pet whilst they are chewing them as there is always a risk that they could choke.