Best Bully Sticks

Doesn’t Your Dog Deserve the Best Bully Sticks 

The best bully sticks are increasingly proving more popular with dog owners that the rawhide dog chews which saturated the market in the past. Worries over the chocking risks of the rawhide dog chews have turned many people to look for a safer alternative. Bully sticks have been ideally placed to offer a nutritious and tasty alternative.

Best Bully SticksThe best bully sticks are made from high quality beef and are rich in both protein and essential amino acids (taurine).

Being 100 percent beef bully sticks are fully digestable, unlike rawhide dog bones, so they are safer for your animal.

It is recommended to buy quality best bully sticks. A lot of owners have reported that although you may save a few bucks when you buy the small low quality variety of bully sticks  you dog is likely to start producing some very smelly gas.

Not something that you want happening if you have a large German Shepard running around inside your home.

However, this doesn’t appear to be an issue if you buy the best bully sticks.

The cheaper quality bully stick are usually the ones that smell the worst.

South America and the USA Produce some of the Best Bully Sticks


Bully sticks are not created equal. Made from the penis or pizzle of a steer or bull, hence the name, the environment and well-being of the animal is what will ultimately decide the quality of the final product.

The best bully sticks come from cattle that have not been pumped full of additives, chemicals, preservatives, antibiotics, hormones or steroids during their lifetime.

South America, in particular Brazil,  produce high quality pizzles from cattle that graze in fertile green fields and drink from unpolluted streams and rivers. These free range bulls produce excellent quality beef that is remains in high demand.

Likewise, strict government guidelines and regulation in the USA means that bully sticks produced there are also some of the best quality in the world.

Very little processing goes into the final bully stick apart from drying but it is the method of this process that also affects the quality of the pizzle. Sun drying the meat is a slower and less controlled manner that normally produces a lower quality bully stick. It is normally accepted that oven dried beef sticks are less likely to contain potential diseases and bugs.

Although dogs love bully sticks you should, as an owner, take care not to overfeed your pet. These beef sticks are very high in protein which may cause health issues if your dog consumes too many. For this reason it is not recommended to use them as a training treat. Instead you could try a vegetarian, fish or fruit training treat such as those available from best bully sticks in the US.

Some owners prefer braided bully sticks whereby two or more pizzles are twisted together to produce a thicker stick. When feeding your dog this kind of chew you should always monitor them as they are likely to come apart and may cause a  choke risk.

Bully sticks come in different lengths from 4 inches and up. This size may be ideal for a small dog or puppy but for a larger animal the 7″ and 12″ are very popular. Jumbo bully sticks of 36 inches are also available for large dogs.

Best Bully Sticks for Dogs

If your dog is an aggressive chewer then you may find that deer antlers are a better option.

Where to Buy the Best Bully Sticks


Shopping online is probably the most cost effective way to get the best bully sticks. Look for stores that offer a lowest price guarantee, free shipping and bully sticks wholesale to get the best price reductions.