3 Reasons Dog Owners Live Longer Healthier Lives

It’s official! Dog owners live longer, or so we would be led to believe. Recent research done by the American Heart Association suggests that people who have a pet are less likely to suffer from heart disease which in itself can lead to a longer life expectancy.

On the surface this appears to be another survey that reinforces what many before have already suggested and which plenty of dog owners already suspect. The reasoning behind it is simple, dog owners get more exercise. In fact more than half of dog owners get the daily recommended physical activity each day.

So What Are The Main Reasons Behind These Amazing Claims?

dog owners are healthier

Want to Lower Your Risk of Having a Heart Attack? Getting a Dog may be the answer.

Life expectancy can be determined by many factors such as genetics, lifestyle and even the region you live in so anyway that you can increase your odds above average is good news right?

Personally I think that it is more than just the effects of increased mobility that is providing these health benefits as having a dog can also reduce stress which in turn can lead to a better lifestyle.


It’s easy to kick back after work and slouch around for a few hours before hitting the sack. But when you have a pushy pooch that just won’t leave you alone until he gets his daily walkies then having a time-out from that comfy couch and your favorite TV show can actually be beneficial to your health.

Lets face it, if you own a dog then the chances are that you are getting plenty of exercise. Walking your dog several times a day ensures that you are getting that much needed physical workout that many other miss out on.

Walking will get your heart rate up, improve your circulation and help with muscle tone. But not only that. Getting out of the house will get you some fresh air, maybe a little sunshine and even meet new people.


Both humans and canines are social animals. Our society is built around it and without it we are left feeling unfulfilled and empty. Having someone to confide in, even if it is just our dog, builds a bond that is second to none.

A UK study done a few years ago revealed that a fifth of women confided their deepest secrets to their dogs. Are you the same?

For thousands of years dogs and humans have endured a bond that is built around mutual respect. In fact some breeds of dog have been created specifically to give comfort to those in need.

Stress Relief

Petting a dog is therapeutic. Dogs love the attention that you give them and it’s relaxing and calming both for you and your pet.

Sure you could just switch on the television when you want to dumb down and forget about everyday issues but you’ll miss out on the  feedback that socializing with your pet brings to the table. It is the infectious interaction that your dog generates that is the key to improving your mood and removing stress.

Ultimately you’ll be left feeling more optimistic and less likely to worry about those everyday things that are getting you down.

Dog Owners are LESS Likely to suffer from

  • Stress and blood pressure issues
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Anxiety
  • Loneliness
  • Poor health
  • Depression

It could simply be that dog owners are a breed apart and that it is their same personality that led then to take on the responsibilities of a dog in the first place is the same reason why they take responsibility in looking after their health.

If you are a bit of a couch potato, smoke and shun exercise then owning a dog may not be the best choice for you as they are life altering commitments and you may be better suited to getting your own life into order first before taking on the responsibility for someone else’s.

So if you want to stay happier and healthier then why not get a dog, even if it didn’t lead to a longer life then at least you’d have a great companion and they’re more fun than a goldfish.

Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. If you’re a dog owner then why not voice your opinions below.

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